Up until today, we encouraged YouTubers to upload our videos to their channels. We even gave explicit permission to save them from potential copyright grief. They just had to attribute us so that borderline converts could discover overcome.tv. 

But, as of October 1st 2016, this is no longer the case and YouTubers no longer have permission to upload our videos to their channels. 

Why the change of heart?

If a journalist has ever interviewed you, you'll know how risky it can be. You see, journalists have their own agendas. And they have no issues twisting your story and words to suit their agendas. They won't let you read their stories before they publish them. And there's nothing you can do to change a story after it's published.

With this in mind, converts are usually sceptical about us interviewing them on camera. But they put their trust in us and the interviews go ahead.

So what's the problem?

Take a moment to go read the comment section on any news article that relates to Muslims. Chances are that it's full of bigotry, racism and Islamophobia.

Well, on YouTube, it's about 10 times worse.

You don't see any such comments on our channel. But that's because we moderate every single comment. And if it's not spreading positivity and light, then we delete it. It's time consuming and it reduces our engagement levels in the eyes of YouTube. But there's no way we're letting such comments see the light of day.

But we're not other channel owners and we can't dictate their comment policies. We can handle Islam-haters badmouthing Islam in response to our videos on other channels. As they say, "haters gonna hate". What we can't handle is them badmouthing the converts who trusted us.

Does that type of badmouthing really take place?

It's sad, but there are many people who hate Islam right now. And they manifest that hate in many ways, one of which is by abusing the converts in our videos. 

And by discontinuing permission to upload our videos, we're closing the door on that abuse.

But what if I promise to moderate the comments?

Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to police comments on other channels. Moderating the comments on our own is draining enough as it is. 

We really wish we could let you. But, sadly, we have to take a blanket approach by withdrawing permission altogether. 

But what about videos that I've uploaded? 

Insha-Allah, we won't pursue copyright claims against videos uploaded before October 1st. Just help us by deleting any comments that attack our converts.

Moving forward

Although you can no longer upload our videos, you can still help borderline converts. 


By adding our videos to your playlists. Playlists make it possible for borderline converts to discover our videos through your channel. It's a way of pointing the videos out. And, insha-Allah, Almighty Allah will reward you for directing them towards good. 

If you have any playlists relating to converts, then add our videos to them. And if you don't have any such playlists, then consider making them!

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas on how we can collaborate moving forward.

p.s. If you are embeding our videos on your website, this does not affect you. It only relates YouTube channel owners who upload our videos to their channels.