Alhamdulillah, this morning, we received this email from a brother in America...

Assalamu allaykum warahmatulahi wabarakatahu,

I would like to deliver alhamdulilah some great news to you our brothers and sisters in Islam! 

I'm a revert, in 2011, and have been making da'wah by doing my best to follow the sunnah of Muhammad Sulalahu allayhee wassalum. 

About ten days ago after casually sharing one of your videos with my beloved wife of 18 years she utterly surprised me and announced she wanted to take her shahadah- alhamdulilah! 

I made some arrangements and she took it the next day.

Anyway, we're pretty sure you may not always get to hear about the barakah that Allah uses to bring about His qadr.

Here's the video.

Brother Mark and Sister Mary

Like Mark said, we won't always know the extent to which Allah uses us to impact people's lives until we meet Him. And Mark's email is an excellent reminder.

We ask Allah swt to put barakah into their lives. And, of course, to put barakah into our efforts. We hope to turn up on the Last Day with a lot of pleasant surprises. Insha-Allah! :)