A few days ago, we discovered that Patreon adds VAT to European patrons. Considering that some European countries go up to 27%, we need to move away from Patreon.

Sadly, Patreon doesn't have any competitors that match our needs. So we've got no choice but to develop our own patronage system using Stripe. 

For that to happen, we need to have a business bank account. And, for that to happen, we need overcome.tv to be a legally recognised entity. And, as of yesterday, overcome.tv now exists as a private limited company in the UK.

This is now the first step to overcome.tv becoming a registered charity. And, when that happens, insha-Allah, we'll get tax benefits and can enjoy Gift Aid. But the process is lengthy and will take some time.

Setting up a business bank account will be easier said than done as we don't have a physical presence in the UK. So it may take a bit of time. But this is, insha-Allah, the route we're taking.