Up until now, we've been using Patreon as the platform through which patrons give us financial support. But Patreon has been problematic in 2 major ways.

First, they were forcing patrons to register accounts with them, which is a totally unnecessary obstacle. Second, they were charging European patrons VAT of about 20%, which is another obstacle.

Fortunately, Patreon is now a thing of the past as we have, as of this morning, completed our integration with Stripe.

In case you don't know who Stripe is, they are a wildly successful payment services provider that make it possible for us to accept credit card donations through the overcome.tv website.

Not only does Stripe alleviate us from PCI compliance (which is a real pain), but they make it super easy for people to give overcome.tv support on a recurring monthly basis. People who want to support overcome.tv can now visit www.overcome.tv/en/about/donate and move forward with their ongoing (or 1-time) donations through a simple form.

The added benefit of this move is that we don't have to pay the Patreon fees either. Hopefully, these changes will lead to an increase in financial support as we are in desperate need.