This post is for women who have embraced Islam. If that isn't you, then please share it with your Muslim network, hoping that they share it with the female converts/reverts that they know.

The world is full of women who think about embracing Islam. But negative thoughts hold them back.
Will my family reject me? What will happen to my marriage? What will happen to my career? Will I be able to do what Islam asks of me? Will I lose my identity? Will I like who I become?

What helps them most is hearing from people who once stood in their shoes. Convert women who - like them - faced similar concerns, yet still pushed forward with their journey.

Hearing from these women helps them look past their negative thoughts. And the more such people they hear from, the more motivated they are to push forward. makes this happen at a massive scale and we are truly honoured by Almighty Allah with this opportunity to help. But we have a problem...

The problem...

For the past month, we've been touring the UK capturing video testimonials to keep us going for 2017. But of the 57 captured, ONLY 7 are from women!

For women who think about embracing Islam, hearing from men is better than nothing. But hearing from women is a million times more effective!

Yes, everything is in Almighty Allah's hands. Yes, He can do whatever He likes. Yes, He can use whoever He likes for the guidance of whoever He likes. And yes, He can use men for the guidance of women if He likes.

But He's also asked us to adopt the appropriate means. And testimonials from women resonate more highly with women than testimonials from men! 

Don't you agree?

With 1 week left in the UK, we are focusing all of our attention on getting video testimonials from women. And if we don't succeed, we'll be stuck with testimonials from men for the whole of 2017.

So, if you're a woman who has embraced Islam, we need you to volunteer to give your testimonial ASAP!
You might feel camera shy, but this isn't live tv! You can make 1,000 mistakes and none will make it to the final video!

You might think you're not video-genic, but so what? Are you really going to let your self-perception get in the way of people's guidance?  

You might think you have nothing to say, but is about resonance... not amazing stories or  fancy words!

You might not like the idea of being online, but what - really - don't you like about it? We don't allow abusive comments on our videos and we serve copyright notices whenever needed! We don't give out your contact details and you can even use a nick-name if you like! And we'll show you your video before we publish it!

In fact, the only truly good reason we can think of for holding back is that you're keeping your Islam secret. And if that's the case, then we support you!

But if that isn't the case, then you need to overcome whatever is getting in the way so that an hour of your time can help the tens of thousands of people who think about embracing Islam each month.

Don't lose the chance!

A few months ago, a man called Mark from America sent us an email. He told us that he'd embraced Islam 5 years ago but that his wife of 13 years didn't want to embrace along with him. After 5 years of patience and dua, he came across And after sharing one of our video testimonials with her, she surprised him with her decision to embrace Islam. SubhanAllah.

After Mark pointed the video out to us, we asked the sister how she felt knowing that Almighty Allah had used her to guide someone else? And this is what she said...

"Allahu Akbar! I am so overwhelmed to hear about this good news! I can't express the happiness I have in my heart right now!"

Almighty Allah doesn't need us to get things done and He's going to guide whoever He wills.

What you need to ask yourself is...

Don't you want the honour of Him using you for their guidance?

If so, then muster up the same courage you mustered up to embrace Islam and then contact us on right away so that we can schedule you in.