A few days before it began, someone recommended us to attend RIS Malaysia as an exhibitor. Although we didn't know this, non-profits often raise funds at Islamic conventions and being able to solicit 2,000+ Muslims in 2 days made good sense.

The only hurdle was the $2-3k cost of exhibiting, printing, traveling etc. But, as in business, you have to spend money to make money, so it was a risk we had to take.

We'd either come out on top, break-even or walk away with a first-hand lesson not to exhibit again.

So, we sought guidance through istikharah, recruited 2 seasoned street-focused fund-raisers, put our trust in Allah and stepped into the unknown with just 3 days to go.

And it all paid off AMAZINGLY well!

Allah honoured us with 1-time donations that covered our costs twice over.

He also honoured us with $850 per month in recurring donations. Annoyingly, many Malaysian debit cards don't work online. Otherwise, it would have been around $1,100 per month.

He also gave us the chance to meet most of the speakers and present overcome.tv to them. They all loved it and each one either endorsed it or is reviewing it before endorsing it.

They also made dua for our success. Imam Zaid specifically supplicated for the people who support it.   

We also built bridges with several da'wa, charitable and convert care organisations. They're all excited about us coming back to Malaysia. And, to that end, they've extended the hands of support that will make our return possible.

Based on this experience, fund-raising at Islamic conventions is something we're going to do more of. So we're now compiling the best practices we learned through this experience and a schedule of conventions we may exhibit at. And we hope from Allah that future conventions will be even more fruitful than this.

Our feet hurt from all the standing. Our voices are hoarse from all the talking. Our bodies are shattered from all the traveling. But it was all worthwhile.

We hope that Allah gives us similar opportunities in the future and that He supports us in them like He did at RIS Malaysia.