Did you know that more than 1,000 people became millionaires when Facebook went public?

They were the early-stage investors whose faith in Facebook made its future possible. Take David Choe as an example. His faith multiplied the value of his investment over 3,000 times, turning his $60,000 share into $200 million.

And even though overcome.tv is a non-profit initiative, we can draw a strong parallel:

  1. We're in our early stages.
  2. The faith of early-stage donors is making our future possible.
  3. Their faith is multiplying the reward of their donations.

To explain…

God weighs people's deeds in light of their circumstances. Those who live further from the mosque get more reward for visiting than those who are near. Those who remember God in busy marketplaces get more reward than those who remember Him elsewhere. And those who believed in Prophet Muhammad before his prophethood was established among the masses have more merit than those who believed in him later on.

And in our context...

The earlier in our history someone donates to overcome.tv, the more reward they'll receive. Our very first donors gave money to overcome.tv when it was just an idea and had no proof of concept. By contrast, future donors will be giving money to overcome.tv as a well-funded, well-known charity with a proven record.

What makes early-stage donors different is the amount of faith that accompanies their donations. And that faith multiplies their reward because they are making the future possible. Without them, late-stage donors simply wouldn't have a successful overcome.tv to donate to.

So, the earlier someone donates, the higher they sit on the reward pyramid. And that gives them the rewards of everyone that can only get places lower down.

And this is great news for those who get there early.

Actually, it's AMAZING news

Although we're building overcome.tv out of duty, we hope for an immense reward. The best neighbourhood in the hereafter is the neighbourhood of the prophets and we hope to have a place near them for having contributed to their work.

Fortunately, a share in this reward is available to everyone who supports us. Especially those who support us with the money we need. Especially those who had faith during our early stages. And the earlier someone supports us, the greater their share.

Of course, anyone can promise rewards to attract donations. And they too can talk about how faith in an incomplete project multiplies rewards. But the difference with overcome.tv is that our traction so far indicates that an amazing destiny is unfolding…

  1. Ten people embraced Islam through us during our period of hypothesis testing.
  2. Our monthly recurring donations are increasing by the month… $431 in January, $991 in February, $1,886 in March and now $2,835 in April.
  3. We now have 156 recurring donors.

And that traction is based on us having developed just 10% of our product and not even starting to execute our marketing strategy!

In other words, things are looking very good and there is still some space near the top of the reward pyramid.

Which brings us onto you

We want you to make an early-stage donation to overcome.tv.

We began building a course titled "How to Accept Islam Without Being Rejected By Your Parents" and another titled "The Ultimate Guide to Embracing Islam". And we've mapped out our content-based SEO strategy to rank well for the 25,000 (and increasing) searches that take place on Google each month for phrases like "how to convert to islam".

But it's all on pause because we have to prioritise fundraising. And YOU can help us get back on track by making an early-stage donation.

It's unlikely that donating to overcome.tv today is something you planned for. But it's an opportunity you won't regret.

There were many others in the right place at the right time for Facebook. But they held back and now curse themselves for doing so. If they buy Facebook shares today, they'll be glad if share value moves up by even 5%. By contrast, faith multiplied David's early-stage $60,000 Facebook share over 3,000 times to be worth $200 million.

Not only was he in the right place at the right time, but he also capitalized on that opportunity.

We are also in the right place and the right time

We're helping people to embrace Islam on a massive scale. And the ever-increasing reward that comes with that is difficult to beat. And donations made at this early stage will multiply your reward MANY times over.

So please earn your share by backing our efforts with an early stage donation, either through a substantial one-time donation or a smaller monthly donation.

Thank you for your confidence.

p.s. You can learn more about our fundraising needs on our donation page or by contacting us.