"I'm an 18 year old girl from India in the last year of school. My life is full of troubles and I have no support from my family. I like Islam from the depth of my heart and feel that Islam is peace. I want to go to Europe for studies and work, but I heard that lots of people hate Muslims there. If I become Muslim, will people hate me?"

We received that email earlier this month. But instead of advising her ourselves, we asked a number of converts in our network to give her Crowdsourced Conversion Advice instead. Their touching responses helped her overcome her concern and she has now decided to accept Islam straight after her upcoming exams, insha-Allah.

This is what the Overcome model is all about; people concerned about taking the journey being inspired by people who have already taken the journey. And the more converts we can access, the more effective Overcome can be.

This is why we need as many converts as possible to join our support network.

It doesn’t cost anything to join and the reward of helping people to accept Islam is difficult to beat.

So, if you're a convert to Islam who is not on our mailing list, please join our support network over here. Of course, you can opt out at any time through any of our emails and we're working on guidelines to help you be as effective as possible with any advice that you share.

And whether you're a convert or not, please share this post with any the converts that you know.