Our primary goal has always been for borderline converts to discover Overcome when they ask Google for help with their journeys.

In the long run, we intend on achieving that through an extensive search engine optimisation (SEO) plan that we’ve already formulated. We are yet to execute that plan because we don’t have the resources and, when we do, it will take time for that plan to show results.

So, in the short run, we've gone ahead and begun using pay-per-click (PPC) to attract borderline converts to the Overcome website.

If you're not familiar with how it all works…
  • SEO focuses on ranking our site at the top of Google’s search results.
  • PPC focuses on ranking our ads above, below and side of Google’s search results.

For now, we’ve limited our PPC campaign to target searches directly related to the phrase “convert to Islam” and we’ve limited our spend to just £5 per day. From this alone, we’re attracting around 800 targeted visitors per week and now the onus is on us to create more content that helps them to overcome.

Insha-Allah, once we find the right people to manage the PPC campaign, we’ll look to expanding it further. Duas please!