Traffic: 800 visitors per week

By the end of November, we were attracting 800 visitors per week. This puts us 11% of the way towards our research-based goal.

New Seekers: 11

Throughout November, we engaged 10 borderline converts and 1 person who wants to learn more about Islam. We’re helping them accordingly, so please make dua that Allah helps them to overcome. Although this is just 1% of our long term goal, we expect it to increase when we start providing content that’s worth signing up for or we increase our traffic. We intend on doing both.

New Shahadas: 1

We helped a woman in Abu Dhabi to make her shahada.

New Donors: 2

We were blessed to have 2 new recurring donors join the Overcome Family. We now receive £1,600 per month from 176 recurring donors, which is 16% of our mid-term goal.

New Converts: 2

We’ve 2 people join the Overcome Convert Network. We look forward to seeing them share their experiences with the many people who think about accepting Islam.