The 2018 Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2018 in Manchester is just a few months away and we need your help to exhibit there!

Overcome, by the grace and mercy of Allah, made our first appearance at MLE last year where we secured a record number of new donors and increased our five year donations by £33,000.  In addition to monetary gains, Overcome was also blessed with exposure through a number of radio interviews and networking contacts.

The Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2018 will be the fourth annual event and our presence there is a must. With the combination of our ever-growing, hands-on fundraising experience, process improvements, and equipment upgrades, Overcome has a very real chance of making MLE 2018 our best and most productive event yet. But we need your help.

Our face-to-face fundraising model

Our long-term funding is raised through small, recurring monthly donations from generous Muslims. And we use exhibitions like this is a means to acquiring them.

We set up a branded stall at Islamic events and utilize a trained team of volunteers to engage with the people around us. And with the right training, it works really well.

But the biggest problem with our appearance at these events is the lack of cash flow required to get us there. Between stall exhibition fees, expenses, food, accommodation and other expenses, we need over £2,500 to fund our presence at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2018 in October.

Recurring donations provide recurring rewards, but funding our presence at fund-raising events like this multiplies the value of your donation exponentially.  For example, if we bring in an extra £800 in recurring monthly donations at this event, that works out to £48,000 over five years.

In this way, a £2,500 donation reaps the reward of a £48,000 donation toward our work!  Funding half, or even a quarter, of what we need to make this event possible will get you a proportionate amount of the total reward.  The more you can give, the more you will get!

Can you make MLE 2018 a reality?

We do not have the £2,500 needed to exhibit at MLE 2018 this year. But we absolutely have to be there! And, with your help, we can!

We just need 1 person to donate £2,500 or two people to donate £1,250 or 4 people to donate £620.

Remember - when you help someone accept Islam you receive a share in all of their good deeds, and all of the good deeds of their descendants.  Helping someone accept Islam is one of the ways to earn rewards that accumulate long after our time in this world is done.

Just contact us here and we'll help you multiply the reward of your charity by 1,900%!