Completing the spiritual & intellectual journey towards Islam is difficult for most people as it requires them to...

  1. open their minds to an "ideology" they never imagined accepting
  2. develop their conviction in it
  3. overcome any lingering misconceptions
  4. overcome their anxieties
  5. make the decision to accept Islam, and finally
  6. declare their acceptance

From an ummah-wide infrastructure point of view, the last step is easy because every believing Muslim will go out of ther way to help (or even watch) people declare their shahadas.

As for the first 5 steps, the existing infrastructure is so poor that relatively few of those who begin the journey ever make it through.

The Overcome Vision

If you ask people what Overcome is, most people struggle to give the right answer.

Because our video interviews are watched over a million times each month, the most common answer is that "Overcome does convert stories". And because people's understanding of the convert journey is typically limited to after they accept Islam, the next most common answer is, "Overcome helps converts".

But, despite our achievements thus far, if you want to understand what Overcome is, you have to understand its vision. And that vision is to build the infrastructure needed to make the first 5 steps as easy as possible so that we can increase the number of people who complete the spiritual & intellectual journey towards Islam. 

Or, to put it more succinctly, "to facilitate the path to Islam for those who are attracted to Islam".

Where We Are Today

At the moment, not even 1% of the Overcome vision has been realised.  

Yes, Overcome has helped a few dozen people to accept Islam, but there are far quicker, less elaborate and less expensive ways of achieving that.

Furthermore, Overcome also has an increasing number of people who are turning to us for help, but are being left untended to because the infrastructure is yet to be developed.

In other words, whilst we've helped some people to move forward, we've disappointed many others. And, without the necessary support, that number will only grow further.

Knowing When We've Got There

You'll know when Overcome has achieved its vision when Overcome…

  • ranks highlighy for the 30k searches made by non-believing seekers on Google English each month;
  • is being promoted by Islamic websites to non-Muslim visitors;
  • becomes a household name amongst Muslims who recommend it to their borderline convert friends;
  • has user-focused content and associated frameworks that cater for seekers according to their journey stage;
  • has the resources needed to implement the frameworks and is able to secure recurring donations without being distracted from its main work;
  • has country-specific divisions to cater to the unique needs of different countries like India and the Philippines.

And, most importantly, when Overcome is facilitating the conversions of thousands of people each month.

These numbers are not fantastical when you see that digital professionals achieve them all the time. The same can be achieved here too. That is, of course, if Muslims are willing to commit the same type of resources in the service of God that businesses commit in pursuit of profit.

The key to achieving this is for Overcome to be more effective at conveying its vision and, in doing so, to be more effective in rallying up support.

This is now our single priority and all of our efforts are directed there.