People are usually impressed by Overcome when they discover its underlying model of building infrastructure that lets people help themselves accept Islam (rather than it being pushed at them). But all we're really doing is applying the sciences of "pull marketing" and "self-serve customer service" to the service of Islam.

The theory is simple. It's implementation, however, that we face challenges because this requires the commitment of experienced people who are skilled in those sciences.

I've always felt that the only way we could secure such commitment on a long-term basis was to outsource the work on a paid basis. But I'm now forced to believe that it can also be achieved through volunteers if we reduce the commitment required and can effectively communicate and organise the different volunteering opportunities.

It also requires us to be very effective in recruiting volunteers and so our highest priority is to now produce a promotional video which:

  1. engages Muslims who are new to Overcome;
  2. educates them about the problem that we're is solving;
  3. helps them understand what makes our solution so unique and effective;
  4. convinces them to volunteer; and
  5. inspires them to share it with others. 

Aside from settling old debts, all monthly donation money is being built up to pay for this video and, at the current pace, it will take 5 months to raise the full amount. Until then, everything else is on pause. 

To speed things up, we've set up a crowdfunding campaign on LaunchGood. Please take a look, consider supporting it and share it with others.