We get our long-term funding through small recurring donations made by Muslims that want a share of the reward for helping people accept Islam.

The fastest way of attracting recurring donations is through face-to-face fundraising. This means setting up a stall at an Islamic event and training a team of volunteers to engage with people as they walk past.

Through Allah's Kindness, effective face-to-face fundraising has become science for us (see here, here & here) and we raised £430 per month at the London Muslim Lifestyle Show in 2017.

The next event on our schedule is the Muslim Lifestyle Show in April 2018. Being there is an absolute must because, amongst other reasons, it attracts well over 20,000 Muslims. 

The only challenge for us is the cost of being there. 

The challenge isn't actually the cost (because the investment will pay for itself very quickly insha-Allah)... it's the lack of cash-flow.

We signed up for MLS 2018 yesterday to secure our presence. And, by taking advantage of their early bird offer, they reduced the cost to £2,520. Their team also allowed us to make 4 x £630 payments, but even that is tough on our cash-flow.

Which is why we're turning to you!

Regular donations to Overcome provides regular rewards. But funding Overcome's fund-raising efforts multiplies the value of your donations many times over. We expect to raise £800 per month at MLS 2018 which will equate to £48,000 over 5 years. So, funding it with £2,520 will be like donating £48,000 to our work!

Can you help out? Can you fund the cost of our presence at MLS 2018? If not, can you cover 1 of the 4 monthly payments? If not, can you contribute anything?

To fund our presence at MLS 2018 and multiply the value of your donation 19x over, please email us on contact@overcome.tv so we can ensure your donation goes to the event and nowhere else. May Allah increase His blessings upon you. Ameen.