Endorse Islam

As someone who once stood in their shoes, you can help borderline converts understand that they're not alone, that they'll be okay and that they shouldn't let obstacles stop them from embracing Islam.

The Opportunity

Will it be too difficult to practice? Will I be able to do it? Will Islam turn me into something I don't like? Will I need to adopt Arab culture? Will I betray my love ones? How will they look at me? Will they still accept me? Will Muslims accept me?

These are some of the concerns that stop people from embracing Islam. But what they're yet to learn is that God will never give them a challenge they can't handle.

It's a key message they need to hear. And the most credible way of conveying it — without preaching — is to get endorsements from people like you who once stood in their shoes. And all we need to get yours is an hour of your time. And, if He uses your endorsement for their guidance, He'll reward you for all of the good that they do.

Ideally, we'll get you chatting in front of a camera and produce a video similar to these:

Otherwise, you can answer some questions and we'll produce a written one like these:

Video Endorsement FAQs

How does it work?

After you volunteer, we'll add you to the list of interviewees in your area and we'll let you know when we get sufficient interviewees to warrant a trip to your location. We'll then schedule you in at a central location. We'll then chat with you and, along the way, get answers to our key questions. We'll then edit it into wonderful endorsement. The experience is fun and casual, and everyone who's done it so far has enjoyed it. It'll take less than an hour and, of course, you can bring friends with you.

What will you ask me?

We'll want to know where you come from and what your religious background was like. We'll also want to know how you came to Islam, what concerns — if any — you had before embracing Islam. We'll ask you how Islam has changed your life for the better and we'll ask you to give some advice to people who think about embracing Islam. But please don't prepare as it will spoil the natural flow of the conversation.

What if I'm camera shy?

We make the experience as comfortable as possible and, once you start chatting, you'll forget the camera is even there.

What if I have another question?

Then get in touch and we'll reply back ASAP.

Written Endorsement FAQs

How does it work?

Once you volunteer, we'll send you a link to an online form that asks you a bunch of questions that you need to answer in as much detail as possible. Our writers will then use your answers to write a 1st person narrative written on your behalf. We'll then present it to you and will work with you on any final edits before finalising it.

What will you ask me?

The questions are very similar to the ones that we ask for video endorsements. You can see those up above.

What if I'm not a good writer?

You don't need to be as we'll do the writing and editing! All you need to do is answer the questions in as much detail as possible so that we've got lots of content to work with.

What if I have another question?

Then get in touch and we'll reply back ASAP.

How to Volunteer

Simply contact us, stating whether you'd like us to capture your endorsement on video or in the written word. We'll then take things from there.

What People Say